Here’s A “No-Product” Guide to Healthy Skin Forever

When it comes to skin, a tiny zit is enough to bring our entire energy levels down for the day. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but for some of us, skincare is nothing short of an esoteric science. If only it was that easy to figure out! Turns out, it is not that difficult after all. Here are some general rules of thumb to understand when it comes to skin care.

1.If you’re a woman, it is very important for you to remember that our skin changes texture almost every week, and renews itself every 4-6 weeks.

Due to the surge and fall in the levels of different hormones in our body, our skin changes appearance round the month. During ovulation, your skin is generally plumper, smoother and most youthful than during your periods, when it is generally more sallow, dull and prone to acne. Which just means that like everything else, bad skin phase too, shall pass!

2.  You can keep breakouts during periods at bay by watching what you eat and what you do!

If you’re someone who is absolutely harrowed by your skin during shark week, try to watch your lifestyle throughout the month for better results. Effects of excessive caffeine, soda, dairy, and junk food consumption and a sedentary lifestyle definitely shows up later on our skin. Try including more detox waters, 30 minutes of regular exercise and meditation, and one cheat day for junk food every week – and see the difference yourself.

3. Sanitize your phones! Never touch your face with unwashed fingers!

A major cause of acne is bacteria – and our phones are magnets to it! We hold onto our phones practically 24/7 – some of us even carrying it to the washrooms with us. This causes different strains of bacteria latching onto it, and then onto our faces everytime we touch ourselves or get on a call sans earphones. Sanitise your phone every week with an alcohol based wipe, Lord knows our phones need it!

4. Learn more about your skin type first

For anything to actually work and show results on your skin, you need to understand your own skin first. You’ll be surprised to find that a lot of your products are wrong for your skin, or contain ingredients that irritate and inflame it.

5. Stop comparing your regime/skin conditions/skin health with others

We often hoard products because we see it working on our favourite bloggers, friends, or actresses and models, and we think that exact product is going to solve all our problems, bring world peace, and also file our taxes. WRONG! Everytime you add another product to your cart, sleep over it for a night and research another day, and then if you see it fitting into your regime, drop it (into your cart) like it’s hot!

6.  Your skin issues might not be just cosmetic

Layering on the 10 Step Korean routine will do nothing if something is intrinsically unwell in our bodies. Women in the age group of 16-35 must get themselves regularly tested for hormonal problems, such as PCOD/PCOS, thyroid conditions, and prolonged exposure to certain medicines, which in turn affect our skin health silently from the inside out.

7. Pay attention to your lifestyle

A disruption in our natural circadian rhythm can affect acne, cause premature aging, undereye dark circles, and dryness, to name a few problems. Sleeping early, eating right, exercising regularly, and living your best stressfree life might be a lot to do at one go, but inculcating these will give you a filmstar glow soon enough. Also, here’s your friendly reminder to drink more water.

8. Wear SPF no matter what!

Half of our skin problem will end if we just wore SPF as religiously as we Instagrammed our coffees. Get a good SPF, use it EVERY single day, and watch your skin problem get cut down to half. At least.

9. Find a skin care regime. Stick to it.

Finding a skincare regime is not just a fancy thing only mega famous influencers do. A skincare regime helps you in finding out when something is not working out for you, in determining factors that affect your skin, and helps your skin to repair itself because of the regular and timely care and attention. It doesn’t have to be a complex routine. A simple CTM regime works just as well! Remember, how you care for your skin in your 20s will definitely show up in your 30s.

10. Ignore every skincare advice you’ve been given so far

I know, I know, this one literally goes against this entire article – but research, research and research! Read as much as you can about your favourite products, ingredients, and skin type. We’re told for good reason to not trust everything on the internet – and ample reading and researches will help you understand the whole process better.

To conclude, take a shot everytime the word “skin” was mentioned in this piece. (Or not – alcohol dries your skin out and breaks collagen bonds faster, has anyone told you that?)

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