The Only Four Things You Need For Your Summer Face

If you hate the dry, sticky, hot Indian summer, this one is for you.

As summer comes around the corner, the heat rises, and we love the feeling of a bare face more and more. The sticky Indian summer is something else – nothing like the bikini clad, mimosa sipping movies of pop-culture told me it would be. Personally, if I could manage looking lesser like the evil stepsister of Cinderella, I’d go sans makeup every single day of the summer, but let’s be honest, we’ve all places to go, people to meet…

I love to go face commando during summer months, it would be kind of obvious for me to be on the hunt for a hassle-free look that checks off all the boxes – quick, easy, user-friendly and cuteness enhancing.
Here are my current four favorites that will guarantee to make your life easier this summer. I’ve got your bases covered, in these four products there’s something for all of us. Big claims I know, but read on to find out.

1. Arama Miracle Saffron Rose Gold Oil

With the focus more and more on natural, indigenous ingredients in the beauty world, how could we leave behind our majestic kesar, zafran, saffron? This oil by Arama Naturals contains rose oil, saffron, GOLD, vitamin E, and carrot seed oil, amongst other magic ingredients. So not only will it repair, hydrate, renew, it will also protect you from the sun (because carrot seed oil!). Use for your PM routine or mix in with your base products for a dewy, juicy complexion. Grab one for yourself here.

2. Benefit Gimme Brows +

After a lot of ado Benefit Gimme Brows has finally landed in India. The OG brow gel with a cult following of its own, this holy grail of many makeup fanatics is versatile in its own right. From giving you a polished clean brow look with its industrial hold to creating a feathery, bushy look to channel your inner Cara DeLevingne, this eyebrow gel can do it all. It is available in 7 shades, in a cutesy mini size and a bigger one too, and you can buy it here.

3. Rose Lip Color by Earth Origin

Earth Origin is the newest kid on the block with their eco-friendly, old school Ayurveda inspired clean beauty products. This all natural rose lip color is a beautiful dark raspberry red with brown undertones that is multipurpose, in my opinion, and can be turned into a cheek tint too. If you’re curious about the brand, you can also check out their soap ranges, or drop in into their store in Ahmedabad. It also comes in Lotus and Southern Coffee variants. You can check out the rose lip color here.

4. Kiko Milano Highlighting Fluid Concealer

I’m very much a concealer chauvinist and a puritan, and I am choosy to the point that I will only stick to my tried, tested and approved formulas till it mysteriously gets discontinued or wiped off of from the face of earth. So trust me – when I tell you about a concealer, I mean lean business. This concealer has salmon undertones that cancels your under eye darkness or sallowness, and brightens it in an instant. It comes in 8 different shades, in a swanky metal click packaging, is long lasting, doesn’t budge, crease proof and very pigmented for a highlighting concealer. If this was enough to convince you, you can buy one here.

And hopefully with these, your summer will be lesser of a hot fart!

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