The Biggest Hair Accessories of the 90’s are Back

Secret Stash is our recurring series where we find the top trending motifs in fashion or find you something rare, unpopular and totally bomb and tell you where to source them, by the week.

There’s an uproar in the fashion world lately, and accessories are really having a moment. From Prada to to Chanel to Alexa Chung, (and also every Instagrammer blogger there was) accessories have somehow (over) flooded our fashion feeds. The 90s trend that started from high waisted and mom-fit jeans and chocolate brown lipstick is nowhere slowing down – and the latest trend that we’ve borrowed from the best decade there was are hair accessories. The trend this summer for hair is to either channelise your casually, but beautifully unkempt inner French girl, or the edgy, loud and chic aesthetic that emboldens and takes the quaint French girl look to a whole new level. Materials like rhinestones, pearls, tortoiseshell, marbled acetate, silk and satin are especially having their moment under the spotlight.

Here are our four most favourite picks from the barrage of hair accessories at the moment.

Pearl Barrettes

There’s no chance in hell that you haven’t noticed at least one post in your instagram featuring this uber feminine, whimsical hair clip. It has a way of easy glamour about it, and amps up the simplest of hairstyles to a much more elegant one. Think a half updo held by an ornate barrette, or a simple center parting with a pearl tic tac to glam it up.
You can buy pearl barrettes here from Shein, or here from Chic Accessorizer.

Alice Band

Alice bands have been around since forever (and no, we’re not talking about the ones worn by the Anjalis in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). Bring out your inner Blair Waldorf with jeweled or turbaned head bands or go all out and get a padded one. Or you can also try a retro style padded head band a la Kate Middleton at her youngest’s christening, who skipped a hat altogether, and wore this beautiful, understated but tasteful padded Alice band in place of a contemporary hat.
You can find them here, or here, from Hair Drama Company.

Word Hair Slides

What better way to make a bold, high strung impact than wearing words up your (sleeves) hair? Word hair slides are everywhere – from Chanel’s pearl encrusted hair pins to Gucci’s tortoiseshell embedded ones – these hair accessories are a way to make a statement without saying anything at all. When Stefano Gabbana called Selena Gomez “ugly”, the actress/singer chose to wear a sparkly hair slide with the word to New York Fashion Week. Talk about owning your insults and turning it into a trend.
Get it from Asos here and here.

Scarf Scrunchies

Scarf Scrunchies feel like the love child of a head scarf and a scrunchie, and actually, they’re exactly that. You can use it for a half updo, a messy bun, or a gorgeous ponytail. This accessory is sure to take your sundress or even a simple tee shirt a notch higher and transform your look into the best example of a 90’s throwback.
Find yourself some here and here.

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