Write For Us

As we’re just starting up, we’re looking for writers who share similar passions as us. We welcome writers from all walks of life to join us in building this community of like-minded women who know what they want and can get it too. We’d love to hear from if you are someone who

  • is updated on that latest orange lipstick popping up every Instagram flat-lay and has a unique opinion on it
  • knows the ins and outs of running a business, your own initiative, stacking a kick-ass team and wants to share your knowledge with us
  • understands that the reigns of power need to change with respect to health, finance and education and has two cents to give
  • believes that fashion is an art form, a tool of self-expression, and knows just how to style that yellow blazer with a navy blue skirt

We lookvforward to going over your submissions and publishing it on our website with due credit and space. Write to us on hello@lilimag.co if you have something to say along the lines aforementioned.